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Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human Pet! Reader P4
    "Mr. Kirkland, your guests have arrived."
    Oliver turned to cast a wide smile at Alice, "Oh, good!" Casting a glance down at his shirt, he furrowed his eyebrows, "Oh, butterscotch! This shirt got messy... I can't greet them like this!"
    You didn't even notice the little spots of blood on his shirt. Until now, blood stains were not really the biggest problem. You were in Oliver's room, and it looked just like you had figured it would; bright colored wallpaper, flowers and cute items all over the place, a tray of suspiciously inviting cupcakes and tea. The only thing that surprised you was the antique-looking vanity with makeup. He didn't look like he used makeup... maybe he did every now and then?
    Oliver's eyes looked straight at yours, "Wait a moment, poppet. I want you to walk down with me. I just need to change shirts and I should be ready." His eyes burned into yours, but he was smiling. You just nodded quietly, which must h
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 102 58
Russia x Country! Reader- Then and Now
    {This is sort of a long read. Make sure you don't have anything planned before reading this! This has been a PSA!}
    Looking back...when I was assigned to go conquer a weaker country, I don't think it ever crossed my mind that my life would change completely. Ha...those were the years...back in...what was it...? The 1200's? Late 1100's? Somewhere in that time period...we've both grown so much...but I think it's safe to say that neither of us have changed all that much, on the inside anyway. Sure, wars and revolutions have perhaps made us busier, and we'll never be able to back to that blissful youth we once had, but still, he hasn't changed since the first time I saw him...
    |Time: Early 1200's| 
    "Miss (C/N)? The King wishes to speak with you; immediately, i-if that's alright."
    You really didn't like how early your king woke up; he woke up at dawn, or so it seemed to you, who woke up at eight o
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 103 60
Armin X Reader- Brains are Beauty Too
    From the moment you joined the Trainee Squad, you were a natural at 3DMG. It came to you like swimming came to a duckling; you must have been born with it. Shadis was very impressed and often praised you (Discreetly, of course. Complimenting cadets was not his normal reputation). Cadets would ask how you just seemed to know what to do. You just looked so natural when you were flying around in the forest. But there was one cadet who seemed more interested than the rest; Armin Arlert. 
    Whenever you met in the mess hall, he'd always ask you how you were able to just fly without so much as a moment of visible concentration. You'd always shrug and reply with a question of your own, mostly, "I dunno, how are you able to figure out things you don't understand?" He'd always look down and say, "I'm not sure...I guess I'm just smart?" And you would always laugh conclusively, patting his shoulder, "See? We don't really know why we are good at what we're goo
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 7 4
Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human Pet! Reader P3
    Riddance of Wild Humans Thanks to One Man (Source- 'News Today' Article by Noelle Van Burgh)
    It is reported today that a recent infestation of disease-ridden humans has been successfully captured by none other than the locally famous Oliver Kirkland. When asked how he possibly did it alone, he answered, 'It's simple once you figure them out. Then again, they seem to all have different thought processes. Sometimes they'll all split up, sometimes they'll all group together. This time they all split up. I was able to capture them all without much effort." He also wanted to say that if anyone notices suspicious activity to contact the Human Control Center immediately. The earlier, the better, they say. 
    You blinked awake and sat up, stretching. You must have fallen asleep. You rubbed you eyes and looked outside, noticing that it was late afternoon, about 3 o' clock. There was a small tray on your nightstand, a cup of (hot beverag
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 217 113
Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human pet! Reader P2
Intelligent humans- A Rare Commodity (Source- Everything you need to know about Humans by Mari Wingler)
Humans who can speak clearly and have a basic understanding of things are rare these days, and, if put on the market, sell for almost a quarter million dollars, at least.
Although, normally, intelligent humans are kept as pets. Most Nekos use them to establish wealth- "My human can say the entire alphabet and count to thirty!" "Mine can sing 'Twinkle twinkle little star'!" 
Young intelligent humans are getting rarer by the day, most who can speak fluently are now old or dead. Smart young humans sell for half a million- for a start! 

(Time: Early morning)
    You had been walking for only about thirty minutes when you finally saw a large manor in the middle of an open field. It had a large garden filled with pretty flowers (At least they looked pretty in the dim light of dawn). Oliver stopped, and turned around to look at you, glee filling up i
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 162 64
Italy x Reader- Matchmaking Cat
    It was a perfect day. You had just left the cafe that you studied in after school. The streets were filled with people chattering and bustling, and for good reason! The sun was out, warming your skin, there was a breeze that kept it from getting too hot, and best of all, it was Saturday! 
    You were planning on making full use of today by taking a stroll through a park. You waved at people and smiled at everyone you passed. It seemed that everybody else were having a great day as well! There was s little spring in your step as you headed towards the park. Your mind drifted from your friends to your family to schoolwork...and to many other things as you cheerfully walked along.
    You happened to glance at a small poster with a picture of a rather adorable-looking cat. The poster read; "Lost Cat! Tame, likes to cuddle, likes getting pet, and likes food! Oh! He also likes pretty ladies!' Glancing down, you raised an eyebrow at the big bold w
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 146 31
Dark Owner! 2p! England x Human Pet! Reader
  In Another World...Humans Are Not The Worlds Strongest Predator...
    Wh-...Where...Where am...I...?
"Oh, you're awake...good..." You heard a weak unfamiliar voice say from your right. You turned to see an older, gray haired man with a shabby white coat on. He looked extremely worried as he looked at you. You sat up slowly, realizing you were lying in an uncomfortable cot. "What happened...? Where am I...?" You asked, your (hair color) locks falling in front of your face. The man stood up, "We found the woods...You were close thought...they'd killed you or left you to die..." 
    "Huh? Who's they?" You asked, positive this man was crazy. 
    "The...the...Nekos..." He choked out, flinching. You raised an eyebrow, "Nekos? Like...those cat-like people with ears and tails?" The
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 271 73
Prussia X Reader- Selfie War!
    btw, Reader-chan is a country! And you're a Tumblr blogger >u>
    'Kesesesese! The awesome me just finished working out with my little brother West!' 
Attached was a picture of two men in muscle shirts, one a slightly confused looking blond with piercing blue eyes and another with white hair and ruby red eyes. The white-haired boy had taken a selfie at the gym, his face was red and there was some sweat beading up on his skin. He was smirking confidently and you wondered how he could possibly be related to the rather quiet and serious Germany. You still couldn't keep yourself from smiling, the smallest of blushes on your face. There was nothing wrong with liking another country, was there? You were both immortal, so what was the use of denying it? You clicked the 'reblog' button and commented via the tag section; #Damn son #Look at you and your muscley muscles. You giggled as you cli
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 205 68
Dragon! Nordics x Dragon! Reader
    Dragon! Nordics x Dragon! Reader- Just This Once... (Request)
The air was cold, colder than it usually was anyway. That was saying something, because you lived so far north that it was almost always cold. Almost. In the summer it wasn't as bad, but it wasn't summer. It was winter. 
    But that didn't bother you all too much. I mean, you WERE born to withstand these temperatures. Even though you were rather small (cuz you're pretty young), your internal temperature could probably fry an egg on a normal day. Thank goodness for that, because if you didn't have such a high body temperature you'd have frozen your (color) scales right off. Yes, I said scales, why do you act so surprised? You know you are a dragon right? Good! Anyway, moving along~
    You were trudging through the snow, your feet cold and wet from being in the snow for so long. The blinding blizzard wind made it impossible to fly anywhere without crashing, t
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 191 32
Neko! Russia X Reader- My Big Furry Cuddle Buddy
    It was cold, so very, very cold. 
    Of course, you were used to the cold. You grew up in the cold, so this was normal for you. With a shiver, you continued your walk down the icy sidewalk. You wished you weren't alone in the winter. All of your friends had a boyfriend or girlfriend to cuddle with when the nights got cold. All you had was a blanket and (Fav hot beverage). Even though you liked to sit in your recliner with a warm quilt and sip your beverage, you still wished you wouldn't be all alone in your rather spacious house. Your mind started to wander, drifting into a rather pleasant daydream where you imagined yourself cuddling with the man of your dreams, his arms around you and your head resting on his chest. You hummed slightly in contentment, forgetting you were outside on the street. You snapped out of confusion as a sharp wind- colder than the rest- howled as it whipped snow around, making you shut your eyes tightly. 
    I h
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 252 33
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader [Epilogue]
    Epilogue: After it's All Said and Done
You walked quietly down the cobblestone streets of the town, your beautiful (color) dress making you appear like you were royalty. You had just returned to Blacksea after what you believed was twenty years since you discovered you were the empress of the Dragon lords. Nobody here recognized you as the dragon-girl. The ones who would were older and probably had forgotten your features anyway. You smiled as you remembered the intense feeling of fleeing the mob with Fyn, and you sighed as you remembered how he had saved you without a thought of his own well being. You looked to the right to see the huge fort that was once the old kings castle. Now, the new king had relocated his base, and the fort had been rebuilt as a monument of those who had been lost as well as a sort of temple to the empress, aka you. You decided on a whim to see what it looked like, so you turned to walk through the big doo
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 128 127
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Ten!
    Chapter 10: Thanks For the Memories
    Warning! This chapter contains violence and some gore. Be warned.
    (3rd POV)
    Adon lead his three guests back into the courtyard, waiting patiently for the third one to catch up. Arthur exchanged a glance with his two partners and turned to Adon, "Well, I suppose now would be a good time for us to speak with your king. We have some very personal news we were told to relay to him." Adon raised an eyebrow, "What would the news be about?" He asked, genuinely curious. Arthur glared at him, silencing the black haired man, "It is no ones' business except for the kings'. It concerns people of high ranking and high ranking alone." Adon stood up straighter, "I am the Kings right hand man. Anything he knows I must know as well." Arthur smirked, "Then you can hear about it afterwards. I'm sure the maids and knights will be all ears." He turned and requested a passing
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 67 35
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Nine!
    Chapter Nine: A promise I intended to keep
    You stood there, glaring at Adon with a spiteful glint in your eyes. Adon cracked his famous dark smirk.
"Ready for your second day of fun?"
    You simply spat at him in response. He chuckled and watched as Gothar and Darius walked behind you and pushed you forward. You snarled louder, smacking them in the face. "Don't touch me, you hideous unkempt fungi-monkeys!" You seethed. Gothar narrowed his green eyes and continued roughly ushering you forward, ignoring you as you clawed at his coat. Darius, on the other hand, did not appreciate the contact and retaliated with a much harder, open-handed smack in the face. You stumbled back, wincing but hiding the pain as best you could. Darius seemed unfazed by your actions and continued his job. You were forced over to a large wooden platform that was raised up about a foot or two. The two men didn't give you a chance to lift your legs up
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 47 14
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Eight!
    Chapter Eight: The Magic Spying Trio- And! A Secret Promise 
    You tossed and turned as you slept, unable to fall fully asleep because of the pain you were in. Now that you were alone, your body decided it was a good time to let you feel the full impact of the days' beatings. You cringed and moaned, your pitiful voice echoing down the eerily quiet hallway. Your stomach rumbled in response, pleading for food. You shut your eyes tight, hoping you could just fall asleep and not wake up until this whole ordeal was over. But you knew you wouldn't be able to. Whining, you let your mind wander to the dragons. Wang had told you they were planning on rescuing you, or at least, he had hinted at it. But when? If this was your treatment every day, you doubted you would be able to survive much longer. Your mind continued to wander, unable to focus on one thing for too long. Surely it's nearly midnight. It can't be much earlier...can it? You thought, hopi
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 53 33
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Seven!
     Chapter Seven: A Friendship Born From Bruising 
     You were carelessly tossed around, getting smacked, punched, kicked, and shoved. This would leave you undeniably bruised and broken, but you didn't scream or cry. You couldn't let them know they had won. The men torturing you were mostly the ones who had captured you, but Adon was allowing regular people to punch you in the face for a small fee. You were often spat upon, and told how worthless you were.
     "Stupid dragon! You were the one who ate my bull two years ago, weren't ye? Well, now yer gonna pay!" Screamed a grungy farmer, who punched you in your jaw. You coughed up blood, and it was a miracle you didn't lose any teeth. "I hate you! My home was burnt down because of you! My furs were charred past repair! Do you know how much they cost? Probably not, you fatheaded lizard!" Screeched a noble lady, you kicked you in the stomach and slapped you in the face. It stung
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 68 31
Dragon! Hetalia X Reader Chapter Six!
  Chapter Six: Kings' Court
    ~Your (1st) POV~
  Where am I...?
  Was I dreaming...?
  Feli...? Lovino...?
I sat up on a creaky rough bed. My head was pounding, my legs and arms were raw and bound, and I felt noticeably colder. I looked down at my outfit, to find half of it (including my weapons and outer wear) gone. I shrieked, "Where are my things?! My...My sword! My dagger! My coat!" I frantically looked around, finding nothing but the dirty floor and walls of a jail cell. 
           Hold on...when was I caught by guards?
                             "Good morning, little dragon-girl." 
           Oh right. Him.
     I snarled at Adon as he stood outside my cell, his eyes watching me with that same twisted glow of amusement. "Sti
:icondragon-foxx:Dragon-FOXX 56 19


2p EnglandXreader: Not Human
Warning: Good old fashion creepy 2p.As much as I love reading stories where the 2p are nice a sweet or something, I think I much prefer them to be creepy as *BEEP*.
You have been warned.
“Crap…” you mumble to yourself as you scanned the crowd. You and your friends had gone to the mall together, but upon entering you had lost track of them. You had all agreed that if you were separated that you would meet up at a particular place, but as you began to wander around, you soon realized that the decided store was not only out of sight, but also you didn’t know what you were looking for.
Something sweet filled your senses, something sickeningly sweet. You searched around for the source but found nothing that would seem to claim the smell.
“Are we lost poppet?”
You spun around to see a strange freckled man sitting at a table that was covered in Easter colored cupcakes. He sat in front of a bakery with his hands folded neatly in
:iconsourtomato:SourTomato 158 63
Cup of Steaming Stars and Roses :France x Reader:
Cup of Steamy Stars and Candied Roses
:France x Reader:
The café is one of her favorite places to go ever since she moved to Paris.
She loved the cozy atmosphere, the beautiful soft glowing lights suspending from the ceiling in silver rods, and the wonderful plush recliners sitting near the low glass coffee tables, decorated with golden sparkling stars. She loved the aroma of coffee wafting in the air as soon as she entered through the double doors, lingering with just a small hint of chocolate and cinnamon. She enjoys gazing into the glass display cases, with a thought of buying some of the overpriced petite cakes that she wondered whether it is worth spending several Euros extra. In the end she would leave a small sigh as she orders a café au lait—coffee with steamed milk—with extra sugar, and a macaron filled with meringue, rose petal jam, or bittersweet chocolate.
She loved to spend several hours on the recliner with a laptop, a book, or even a
:iconrainatmosphere:Rainatmosphere 59 46
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year!~ RussiaXReader
                  The call was unexpected-and it kind of shell-shocked you. The question was simple, though it was phrased more like an order, 'Come spend Christmas with me, da?' You knew the Russian was all alone. He just frightened other people. But, he never scared you. Not once. You had gotten invited to Alfred's Christmas party...but to be honest you never really felt as though you fit in there. Too many people tended to make you nervous and set off some strange anxiety in you, so it seemed a better option to spend the holidays alone. So, what to do? Should you go and possibly make a fool of yourself in front of him? At least you wouldn't be alone this year. Sighing, you decided to go. You encouraged yourself by simply saying that you needed to get out and socialize.
                  Ivan Braginski was nervous. Not much in this world made him afraid anymore. He was heavily bullied as a child
:iconmarshalldfaythe:MarshallDFaythe 94 121
Latvia x Reader - What a Present
Latvia sighed to himself as he helped organise the dinner for Russia, his cruel master, with his friends Estonia and Lithuania. He continued to chop the vegetables to add to the Pirog they were making for the large nation, as a sad frown played on his lips.
Here he was, doing the same routine over and over again like he had done plenty of times before. It was tiring how much he had to do it over and over, and it wasn’t because it drained his energy away (though it did do that at times), it was mainly for the fact that it just kept going on in a pattern that seemed to never end; not to mention the fact that he had started badly on this day.
He slept in without realising so he got a threat from Russia to not do it again, he kept tripping over his own feet and making more work for himself, he seemed to be behind all of his chores because of the inconveniences that he was causing to himself, as well as to other people, and he also seemed to be saying even
:iconlive-for-the-stars:live-for-the-stars 101 21
A Burning Passion (Dragon!Denmark x Reader) CH. 1
   "I don't have much time left, ________... You have to deliver this to King Ivan so he can appoint my successor," coughed the weak old man, shoving a small pack in the direction of the young woman sitting beside him. "It's very important that you reach him before the month is over... Because the moment I die, all the protections around the kingdom will vanish instantly."
       The young woman- you- nodded gravely. "I'll do my best, sir," you pledged, giving a bow to the man as you lifted the parcel and turned toward the entrance of the little cavern-home the man dwelled in. "A new Elder Protector will be appointed before you know it- the demons won't reach us anytime soon."
       "I trust you to do well, _______," the old man- the Elder Protector- replied, giving a weak smile from his place atop the blankets on the cave floor. "I look forward to your safe return with the new Protector."
       Those had bee
:iconseaskye:Seaskye 48 14
Archery ( Sasha x Reader ) Drabble
You were sitting in the mess hall with Ymir and Christa, your best friends. Looking at the food you were eating everyday with a disgusted face, Sasha appeared out of nowhere, looking at you with puppy eyes
"(Y/n) Could you please give me your food?" She asked with an adorable face. A random idea came to your mind and you smirked
"I will give you my food, 3 days straight if you learn me how to use a bow and an arrow" You put a hand on her shoulder
"Really?! And all I have to do is learn you Archery?!" Sasha asked with her beautiful brown eyes sparkling and you nodded with a smile
~Timeskip by Pixis twerking~
"Okay (Y/n), Do you know the right way to catch a bow?" Sasha asked with a smile
"Pfft, Of course I do!" You said, getting the bow in your hand and Sasha giggled
"That's not how you do it! Let me show you" Sasha caught your hand, putting it under the arrow and the other one pulling the bowstring while holding the arrow
"The way your hand is holding the arrow is called "Split finger"
:iconmarixrush:Marixrush 84 44
Into the Woods [Fae!Canada x Child!Reader]
One must never venture too far into the woods. The adults tell the children that there are monsters hidden among the shadows, waiting with bated breath to devour an unsuspecting little boy or girl. But (name) has never cared too much about the scary stories; the forest is where she always wastes the day away until the sun sets sleepily in an orange horizon.
Until today.
(Name) is lost.
One moment, she is skipping along a well-worn path more familiar to her than her village's own roads. Birds chirp peacefully, the sun's soft rays of light filtering through the mass of green leaves, and her (e/c) eyes are taking in the lovely sights of vibrant flowers strewn along the forest floor.
Then (name) hears something. A single musical note, more pure and more strange than anything in the world that has graced her young ears. It promises sweetness and adventure - a combination too tempting for the child. Something happens then. Rather than her feet being on the dirt path, they are stepping throug
:iconlupus-astra:lupus-astra 95 34
Forgotten Sunflower {RussiaXReader}
Hello everyone c: i welcome you to another lovely story i've made for a request~ im so sorry for the back up on these requests life is biting my a-erm butt right now so its hard to do so ^^;
 You were a young child when you met the Personification of Russia, of course at first you were terrified of the gigantic man. But he was kind and sweet when you were lost. At the time you were living in. Moscow Russia, not being able to find your parents since you knew they were leaving back to America today Russia took you under his wing.
Thats when you met his sisters Belarus, who scared the living day lights out of your tiny self, and his big sister Ukraine who you liked. The three of them raised you till your parents found your location at Russia's place a few years later. Over that time you learned his name was Ivan. You were really upset when your parents came to get you.

"его хоро&
:icontitanscreation:TitansCreation 23 3
SparkWing Concept by LordMuffinX3 SparkWing Concept :iconlordmuffinx3:LordMuffinX3 8 44
Hetalia reader insert help.
Kisses: Alfred's kisses purely heroic. They are powerful and energetic, yet he likes to kiss on the cheek the most.
In the bed: Although he is confident, he gets very nervous and shy when it comes to being in the bedroom. He does know what to do, but he's scared that he'll mess up.
Type of girl needed: The all mighty America is going to need a girl who is used to a loud environment and a bit geeky. He is not a big fan of snobby girls who always cake their face with makeup since he prefers a natural look. Makeup is good for special occasions though. He wants his woman to be a tad tomboyish.
Prefered date: At home since there is many things to do at home like video games, prank calling, etc.
Kisses: He is very gentle like the gentleman he is, but he can be passionate when he lady wants it. He like to kiss on the nose the most.
In the bed:
:iconmewmewcupake:mewmewcupake 212 48
I don't favorite much on this account, but I'm putting this up here anyway because why not.

Journal History


Pairings Oneshot
Two canon characters paired together. 

The rules are generally the same as Reader Inserts, check it out before requesting a fic

Note: I would very much appreciate a short plot line idea (Note me your idea) so I'm not in the dark as to what you want.  The idea can be a short as 'Germany and Italy are taking a vacation in Northern Italy, Veneciano gives him a tour of the whole place, and when he asks Germany what his favorite part of the trip was, he replies 'The best part was being able to spend some time with you' and then kisses Italy on the forehead all smoothly'
Not really a detailed description, but enough for me to understand what needs to happen in the story, yeah?

Currently, I can write stories for the following fandoms:

Hetalia (obviously)
Ouran High School Host Club
Soul Eater
Attack on Titan/ SNK
Maybe Black Butler (Just started watching it)
Pokemon (idk somebody might want to read a story for that *shrug* )
--Probably way more than just these but I can't think of them right now
X Reader OneShots
Simple one-chapter stories of you and (insert character). 
Oneshot options!

- Fluff (cuddly, kiss-on-the-cheek, movie night at home type stories)

- Angst (Usually one of the two die or end the relationship. Often very sad)

- Smut? (Not to be confused with Lemons/limes. It usually consists of heavy/passionate kisses and usually leads the reader to believe there was something more goin' on- if you catch my drift)

- AU/ Alternate Universe (One or both characters are in an alternate universe where they play the roles of something they don't in canon. Ex: Mermaid! Alfred x Pirate! Reader)

- ____ X Reader x _____ (Two characters are involved in this story, either competing for Readers affections, getting in the way of the other, or just adding to the story with more dialogue)

Note: I would very much appreciate a short plot line idea (Note me your idea) so I'm not in the dark as to what you want.  The idea can be a short as 'Reader-chan is fighting a titan when she finds runs out of gas and gets knocked out by said titan. She wakes up to find that she is NOT dead, but being carried by a different titan. The titan turns out to be her long-time crush, Eren Jeager. Turns out he also had a crush on her.'  See? Not too hard, right? Right!

Currently, I can write stories for the following fandoms:

Hetalia (obviously)
Ouran High School Host Club
Soul Eater
Attack on Titan/ SNK
Maybe Black Butler (Just started watching it)
Pokemon (idk somebody might want to read a story for that *shrug* )
--Probably way more than just these but I can't think of them right now



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Lmao well I was told to repost this
And by 'told' I mean they guessed that I was gonna take it.
Which I did.

1. What would you do if right now the love of your life walked in and asked you to marry him/her?
Well first, I guess I would ask who they were. 
Second, I would ask how they got into my house.
Third, I would ask if they wanted something to eat.

2. Do you trust your friends?
Well... um... sometimes? 

3. Would you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?
I guess so. If they loved me back and we could make it work. 

4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
Well if we boil it down to the cosmological movements and the evolution of germs, then technically EVERYTHING happens for a reason! :D

5. Name two things you would NOT tolerate in a relationship:
Disloyalty and lack of respect

6. Which one of your friends do you think would make the best doctor?
I think a kid from my old school named Rhett would make a good doctor. He'd make a good anything, really.

7. Are you afraid of falling in love?
I am terrified of love, because I guess I've never felt it.
And yet I've been told I need love more than ever right now.

8. Is there someone who pops into your mind at random times?

Yeah... >//-//<

And his name is

10. Would you stop talking to your friends because you hooked up with a new person?
I doubt it tbh. Why would I?

11. When was the last time you flew in a plane?
Last year, maybe? Not recently. 

12. What did the last text message you sent say?

"Love you too"

13. What features do you find most attractive in your preferred sex?
I tend to find myself looking at the person's face, listening to their voice, and figuring out their humor. 

14. Fill in the blank. I like _______ .
To think that I've got a good handle on my emotions.

15. What is a goal you would like to accomplish in the near future?
Friggin finish A writing project. Just one! I have so many!

16. If you were to wake up from being in a coma for an extensive time who would you call?
I'd probably just sit and wonder if people had forgotten about me to be quite honest.

17. How many kids do you want to have?
I don't want kids. People think only about the positive parts of having a kid. I like my sleep and relative freedom, thanks

18. Would you make a good parent?
Doubtful. I don't care too much about things and I'm probably more close-minded than I think I am.

19. Where was/were your ID picture(s) taken?
In a building, hopefully.

20. What is your middle name?

21. Honestly, what's on your mind right now?
Dragon Age. 

23. Shoe size?
Women's 7, I think??

24. What are you wearing right now?
Sweatshirt, sweatpants, and headphones

25. Righty or Lefty?
Righty, all the way! My left hand handwriting looks like a kindergartners. 

26. Can you make a dollar in change right now?

Yeah. I can make like 8 dollars in change. 

26. Best place to eat?
At home. Mmmm.

27. Favorite pair of jeans you own?
I own three jeans of the exact same style I don't even LIKE jeans all that much. 

28. Favorite animal?
Cats, domestic or feral.
But if we're allowing fictional creatures...

29. Favorite juice?
Fermented potato juice

30. Have you had the chicken pox?
Nah. Thankfully

31. Have you had a sore throat?
All the damn time kiddo

33. Who knows you the best?
I doubt anyone really knows the ins and outs of me other than what I tell them.
Mainly because no one looks very closely so
I honestly can't answer this 

34. Do you get along with your family?
My family thinks I'm a smart lady who loves to study.
I guess they like me 
I like them too

35. Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?
Lmao neither nerds

36. Ever been in a fight with your pet?
My only pet was an old cat named Whiskers :"0 I miss him so much
Now I only have three sassy fatass chickens.
They like eggshells for some reason??

37. Been to Mexico?
No thanks I'm good
No offense to people living in Mexico or from Mexico
It's just that Mexico is very...


38. Did you buy something today?

I bought a hot chocolate because it was a bit chilly today so ya know.

It was only -10 or something idk 
The wind made is unpleasant. 

39. Did you get sick today?
Probably lol

40. Did you miss someone today?
I have like 3 people I miss and I don't even miss them I miss the memories I had with them
But no, I didn't miss anyone

41. Did you get in a fight with someone today?

42. When is the last time you had a massage?

43. Last person to lay in your bed?
Nobody??? Maybe my sister?

44. Last person to see you cry?
That, my friend, is an excellent question. 
My reflection?

45. Who made you cry?
Usually myself but I guess if you broke it down a lot of people.

46. What was the last TV show you watched?

The news lol I'm a nerd

47. What are your plans for the weekend?
Video games, Internet. Maybe some interaction with friends... Online.

48. Who do you think will repost this?
Lol do people even read these anymore??

49. Name of the person you got this from.
catnipcutie lol

50. Are you happy?
I like to think I am, sometimes, anyway.


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United States
This is a Fanfic account that will -mostly- post just fanfic I will post mostly ___ x reader stuff but hey I might do others if they're requested...or commissioned :eyes:

-my current fandoms are Attack on Titan, Soul Eater, One Punch Man, and Hetalia <3 Also I am kind of in Ouran High School High School too I guess

A few rules if you wanna request/ commish a fic

-I don't do Lemons or limes. I just- I can't ;n;
- I don't write cannon x your Oc fics. Meaning, you can't make me write a fic about how Ms Original is Levi's lover. I have a hard enough time getting cannon characters personalities right, let alone fanmade ones ;n;
- I won't make a series for requests. Only one-shots.
- I can make fluff, AU fics, and maybe cross-over fics C:

also I did not draw my Profile Pic

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