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  Chapter Six: Kings' Court

    ~Your (1st) POV~
  Where am I...?
  Was I dreaming...?
  Feli...? Lovino...?
I sat up on a creaky rough bed. My head was pounding, my legs and arms were raw and bound, and I felt noticeably colder. I looked down at my outfit, to find half of it (including my weapons and outer wear) gone. I shrieked, "Where are my things?! My...My sword! My dagger! My coat!" I frantically looked around, finding nothing but the dirty floor and walls of a jail cell. 

           Hold on...when was I caught by guards?

                             "Good morning, little dragon-girl." 
           Oh right. Him.
     I snarled at Adon as he stood outside my cell, his eyes watching me with that same twisted glow of amusement. "Still feeling rebellious? We've removed every single weapon you own, and a few other things as well~." 
     I suddenly felt self conscious. That bastard probably removed my clothes! I wrapped my arms around myself as I shot daggers at him with my eyes. He seemed to understand my thoughts, and chuckled darkly. "No, no. We are not primates, dear. We only removed things we deemed necessary to remove. That's why you still have on your undergarments and light clothing." He turned slightly as a pair of guards entered the room. "She's awake?" One of them asked. Adon nodded, "Yes, and she still has that fiery spirit." He looked at me again, shooting me a dark smile, "Take her to the kings court. He's been waiting long enough."

~Arthur's POV~

     I flew faster than I ever had in my entire life. I had to tell the others! Usually, I would have gone off and rescued (Name) all on my own but...I knew that if those brutes had captured her, then they knew she was valuable in some form or another. I landed heavily, out of breath and in a slight panic. "Arthurrrrrrrr! Wait for meeeeeee!" I heard Feliciano roar from behind me. I looked back to see him flapping his wings tiredly, obviously not in as much of a rush as I was. "Hurry up. We've got to reach the group and tell them the news. Time is of the essence here." After I caught my breath, I was off again. Feliciano moaned loudly but followed behind. 

     "Alfred!" I called as the group entered my range of vision. Alfred turned and looked at me with a sort of casual confusion, as if nothing was possibly wrong. "What's up?" He asked. Ugh! Americans. 

     "'Whats up?' I'll TELL you 'what's up'. (Name) was captured by those awful dragon hunters." I snapped, my nostrils flaring uncontrollably. Alfred seemed to completely blank out. "W-what?! (N-name) got-" GUH! "YES. That's what I just TOLD you Alfred!" I roared. Wang approached us and stood beside Alfred. "Where did they take her?" He asked, only half interested, "By the way...have you seen my one dragon charm? It has a (fav color) gem with a pretty Chinese dragon wrapped around it. I think I dropped it on my way back here. It's pretty small, so small that a person probably could wear it as a-" 

       "THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO LOOK FOR YOUR STUPID JEWELRY. IF THE DRAGON HUNTERS HAVE (NAME) THEY MIGHT TORTURE HER INTO TELLING THEM ABOUT US! ISN'T THAT WHY WE MADE UP ALL THOSE BATTLE PLANS?!" I boomed, sending flashes of green flame into the air. Wang flinched, while Alfred looked ready to pass out. "They've got (name)..." He was mumbling. Wang looked me dead in the eye, "Ok ok, we can look for it later. I was concerned about it because it has some magical capabilities..." He half mumbled the last part, but I still heard him, "What kind of magic?" I asked, feeling the fur on my spine relax. Wang shrugged, "It's like a distress beacon. Only...there's a lot of stuff that has to happen first in order for it to send out a distress call. The victim has to be hurt, and they need to plead for a certain kind of's very complicated." I sighed loudly. "Well, we need to figure out how we can rescue (name)." At the word 'rescue', Alfred perked up, "Rescue?! Yeah! The Hero can rescue (name)! Let's go!" The jumped up into the air with the intention of flying off, but a good bite on his tail cut his mission short. "Ouch!" He yelped, falling back down. "Calm down, we need to think of a plan to rescue her. Here's what I was thinking..."

~Back to you, 2nd POV~

     "Your highness, thanks to me- my groups vigilance, we have successfully captured the dragon!" You heard Adon boast. Tch. He didn't DO anything. He was just lucky. Besides, I'm not really a dragon. Heh, idiot. You thought, inwardly smirking at the last part. You had been dressed in a decent grey dress, with a tiny bit of adornments. Probably so you would look appealing to the king. In your opinion, grey was not really a color to wear when trying to look majestic. Perhaps they were trying to make you feel worthless, as if you only were worth a grey dress. Well, it didn't work out like they had planned. Apparently, dragons were 'vain creatures who really cared for their outward appearance', according to Adons 'research'. But you had never been dressed in a more beautiful outfit in your whole life. Even when they tried to hurt you by putting you in a colorless dress, you still were quite beautiful. Your (e/c) eyes only looked more powerful and bright without any color to distract them.

     You were standing outside the kings court, your hands still bound but your legs freed. Two men were standing beside you, both holding a bit of rope to restrain you. You were positive their names were Darius and Gothar, both of them were there to witness your capture. In fact, Gothar was the one who found you (not including that boy, Fyn). You gave each of them a glare and a death threat before they opened the door. 

     "Ah, what a pleasant surprise." A rather plump man dressed in beautiful clothes and adorned in jewels hummed as you entered. He had short, curled brown hair and a small beard. His hazel eyes flickered with a sort of cruel lust as he eyed your body. You bared your teeth and glared at him, showing no respect for him whatsoever. The king chuckled, "When they told me the dragon could become a human, I never expected it to be a pretty woman that it would transform into!" Turning to the nearest slave, he added quietly, "Surely after we break her, she'll be a very good servant." You heard him, and you tried to lunge at him, but your binds were tight and the men holding you were strong. Besides, he was about one hundred feet from you, you would have never made it to him. He smiled at you, and you could see through his mask. "Oh, come now. No need to be feisty." He stood up, stepping down from his throne and taking cocky steps towards you. You never broke his gaze, staring at him with a blazing fire in your eyes. 

     "I can see the fire in her eyes! How marvelous!" He declared, raising his arms. This man was so confident, so damn sure of his power that he mocked dragons who could snap his neck without a second thought! Some day he would get what was coming to him.

     He was in front of you now, extending an arm to (presumably) stroke your face. As he neared your cheek, you turned your head and bit down on his hand with as much force as you could. You were able to hold his hand in your teeth for a few moments before you were jerked back and his hand was pulled away. You delighted in his screaming and (as gross as it was) the taste of his blood in your mouth. You were jubilant that you had broke the skin on his hand and you watched with no remorse as he cradled it in his hand and tried to fight back the tears brimming in his ignorant eyes. He gave you a deathly glare and raised his other hand, motioning for two servants. "Get a gag, NOW." He commanded. They both nodded and scurried off, returning in a few minutes with a piece of cloth. Gothar nudged you roughly and pushed you onto your knees so they could tie the gag. Now you couldn't speak or bite at him (Not that you had spoken to him yet anyway). They had also gotten a bandage for his hand. 

     He approached you again, using the same hand to stroke your face. But he didn't think you wouldn't give up. You kicked him right where the sun don't shine, since your legs were still free. He fell to the ground, his voice high and squeaky as he moaned. You smirked, although nobody could see it. The servants rushed to his aid, and once again, two servants went off to find something to bind your legs with. This time they brought chains and chained your ankles. The king was furious! Now your hands, legs, and mouth were tied. 

     He approached you once more, cautiously reaching out his hand to do the same thing he had been trying to for the last ten minutes. Again, you smirked as another idea came into your head. You would use your head; literally.

     Wham! You head butted his head with your own, making him stumble back and fall. Sure your head hurt a little after that, but it was worth it. He cried out in pain as his servants searched for something to bind you with. They now bound you until you could barely move. The king was boiling in rage as he reached his hand out again. Despite your odds, you had manged to slip out of the rope binds in your hands without any of the guards noticing, keeping your hands behind you so they wouldn't know they were free. As his finger was about to touch your cheek, you snatched it up and snapped his wrist, reveling in the snap you heard and the shriek that emitted from the kings mouth. "Someone get the medic!" You heard Adon command. You were pushed to your feet, getting jabbed in the side by Darius. "Let me slice her wrists and teach her a lesson! She deserves punishment!" He cried furiously. Adon didn't remove his eyes from yours, "No, she will be punished another way." He pointed to the door, "Put her back in her cell, and don't give her anything to eat or drink. After a few days of nothing, she'll be more cooperative with us." 

     You were dragged down two flights of stairs, back down into the dungeon of the fort like castle that you were held captive in. Gothar carelessly tossed you into your cell and slammed the gate shut with a loud clang. You had been released from your binds, but it really didn't matter because you were trapped underground in a cellar with no weapons or food. You felt your collar bone, noticing the lack of a certain pendant that you had found only a little while ago. You gasped as you stood up, ignoring the pain that the binds had caused, and shaking on the bars. "Hey! You! Human with the weird smile! Come here now!" 

     Adon turned the corner and entered your field of vision, accompanied by a young boy with blond hair and blue eyes. It was that boy from earlier...Fyn was his name...or so you recalled. "You called...?" Adon answered with a sly smirk. You grumbled, "What did you do with my pendant?" You demanded. Adons' smirk grew wider, "Oh, do you mean...this~?" He reached into his jacket and pulled out a familiar pendant, it's gem flickering in the dim torchlight. You reached out as far as you could to grab it, but it was just barely out of your reach. Adon chuckled, "This must be something important if you want it so badly. Tell me, where did you find such an...interesting...piece of jewelry~?" You turned your head away, "As if I would tell you. You of all humans deserve nothing but a good flaming." Adon patted Fyn on the shoulder, causing Fyn to jump a little, "See this, boy? This is the kind of attitude that we need to weed out. Usually, I would normally just do it myself but..." You cut in, "-But you're terrified of me. Which is smart. If- WHEN I escape you will be the first thing I kill." Adon glared at you, but kept his creepy smile, "No...I was going to say that your short temper will only be cut shorter if I am around. That's why I'm letting you speak with new blood. Perhaps Fyn can coax out some things that I simply cannot." He handed the pendant to Fyn. You narrowed your eyes at the boy as he held in with care and awe. Fyn was the most decent person you'd met so far. You were thankful he had been placed as your watch. Adon gave Fyn one last reminder that it was up to him to retrieve information from you before leaving the two of you alone.

     Fyn looked at you, his eyes reflecting the firelight. You stood there in silence for a few tense moments before the boy cleared his throat. 

     "So...ahem..." He started, straightening his posture and looking you straight in the eye, "I am Fyn Claudthatch, dragon-slayer-in-training and your guard. Treat me with respect." You growled in response, and he flinched, protecting his face with his hands, "P-Please?" You grunted, crossing your arms and avoiding eye contact. "Dragon slayer wannabe, eh?" You remarked, raising an eyebrow. He nodded nervously, "Y-yeah. I mean, I haven't killed any dragons yet, but I'm learning how to fight them." He explained. You huffed, "Well, let me tell you one thing, boy. Killing dragons is not all it's cut out to be. Sure, among the people, you achieve glory, but dragons remember who killed their hatchling. They won't hesitate to destroy a village in revenge for killing their child." Fyn blinked, "So...dragons actually CARE about their young? Adon told me they kill them to cut down competition." You gave him a confused glance, "How does that make sense? Why would you give birth to something, only to kill it?" Fyn seemed to understand you, and broke the few moments of eye contact you shared. The blond rubbed the back of his neck, "So...anyway...I was supposed to ask you a few questions about...stuff." You nodded slowly, " what?" 

     "Like...what exactly is this?" He held up the pendant, it's (color) gem seeming to glow less in the firelight. You were silent for a few moments, thinking up a good lie. Sighing, you sat down. " see...without that...I can't become a dragon. It's a very magical gem. If I didn't need it, I would've killed my kidnapper and fled here long ago." Fyn sat down so he was at almost eye level with you. He seemed very intent on the lie- er, story. 

     "Anyway, when I was young, my grandmother gave me that. She said that few people can harness it's magic. It has more power than anyone really knows." Fyns mouth dropped, "So...Even I could become a dragon-?" 

"No. You have the intent of becoming a dragon. That's not what stimulates the magic." Fyn held the pendent close to himself, "Then, what does?" You smirked, "If I told you, then what would stop you from telling the others?" Fyn sighed heavily. Obviously, he wanted to become a dragon. "What's with you humans and the need to become a dragon anyway?" You asked, obvious hints of attitude your tone. Fyn placed a hand on his chin, thinking. "W-well...I guess...the freedom of flying...the feeling of power and the ability to breathe fire I guess." You shook your head, "Flying is a lot like running. Sure it sounds fun, but after a few months, you prefer to stay on the ground and walk. Also, I can't breathe fire. Only a few dragons can." Fyn looked deep into your eyes, his own blue ones reminding you of Alfred or Peter. "Oh...ok...well... Why didn't you turn into a dragon when Gothar grabbed you?" You felt your stomach churn. That was the question you wanted to avoid. "W-well...I was...shocked. I'd never actually encountered people before. Also, I felt the pendant lose some magic. I think that man has an anti-magic ability." Fyn laughed at that, his laugh nervous but natural, and he seemed to relax a little. He continued to ask you questions until you heard footsteps down the hallway. 

     It was Adon. He strode over to Fyn, a smile on his face. "So, were you able to get to know each other better?" He asked, putting a hand on his shoulder. Fyn nodded, suddenly looking nervous again. You growled at Adon, "Leave, now. I refuse to answer any questions while I can see your disgusting face or hear your frog-like voice or smell your rather unpleasant stench." Adon gave you a look of mock hurt. "There's no need to get nasty. I'll just ask Fyn here my questions." Fyn gasped quietly at the mention of him. Adons' smile widened. "So Fyn...what exactly...IS...this pendant?" 

     Fyn looked at you, and you shook your head fiercely. He looked up at Adon, who was still smiling, although you could see through to the eminent punishment for not talking. " is what enables her to become a d-dragon." Fyn stuttered. You hissed, and he flinched, "S-S-Sorry..." 

    "Oh? So...with this...I could become a dragon myself?" He questioned. Fyn quickly shook his head, "N-no. There's a certain trigger...b-but she didn't tell me what." 

    At the mention of 'trigger' Adons' smile widened into a distorted grin. "If she won't tell us, we'll have to find it ourself." Fyn squeaked, "W-what do you mean?" Adon looked straight at you, his copper eyes almost glowing on their own.

     "We'll use the oldest trigger in the book; Pain." 

~Meanwhile, back at the Valley~

     Arthur had gathered everyone back up again, his tail twitching with impatience. Alfreds' tail was thumping like a dogs'. Wang seemed the most calm, sitting perfectly still. Everyone seemed confused, "Where is (Name)?" Tino asked, looking around. Arthur sighed, "Well, you see, it appears that...the dragon-hunters that Wang told me about...came back. They captured (Name) and now we need to figure out a way to save her. Although...I'm not sure where they took her just yet. I have my theories, but nothing's for certain." Wang nodded, "We can't attack random castles, we will have to know for certain. If we attack the wrong one then they'll be prepared for an attack, and we don't want that." Everyone nodded, some of them more on the edge than others. Arthur made eye contact with each one of them, a determined look in his emerald eyes, "True, we will need to be 100% sure. I was thinking of maybe infiltrating the fort in disguise." He, Lukas, and Vladimir were all capable of becoming a human (although, Arthur had his suspicions about Ivan and Wang). "I say we find the place she is held captive at, and then we'll signal you by transforming back into dragons." Stretching his minty wings, he continued, "Now, we will be using a tactic we came up with yesterday. The Fort Tactic, remember?" Everyone nodded. "Good. Now, there is one dragon here who will have a very important role. Everything is on them, and they need to make sure to do their role, otherwise the whole mission will fail." 

     Everyone took glances at who they thought was going to be picked for this important role. Arthur didn't waste any time, looking straight into the big, surprised blue eyes of the dragon he had chosen. 

     "Peter, you will be in charge of locating and rescuing (Name) before they hide her away somewhere else." 

     Ignoring the few gasps, he spread his wings, "Tomorrow, Vladimir, Lukas, and I will begin our search."

Wow, all my chapters seem to be really short C: I don't mean for it to be like that, but hey, I guess it's fine. 

Reader-chan shows her tough side as she refuses to let the king even get close to touching her. Go reader-chan! But now you may or may not be getting seriously injured.

Also, who is this Fyn? He seems pretty nice, scared of you even. He's the most decent person you've met so far. Perhaps a friendship can blossom during your stay here? Perhaps!


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