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    Chapter Four: Brain storming

(also, for future reference, S/L/N means Similar Last Name C: )

    Tino softly and quietly landed on a hard rock, looking down at the valley. He frowned, "No one's here yet. This is the best part of the valley, and we always meet up here." You shrugged, "Perhaps hunting is harder than fishing. It didn't seem to take us long to get to the lake anyway. We might just be early." Matthias flew down, his red scales blazing like fire in the midday sun. Lukas narrowed his eyes slightly, "No, it seems that someone else is here." Tino tried to follow his gaze, but didn't see anyone, "Really? Where?" 
"Right behind Matthias."
"How can you see it? Matthias is standing right in front of a bunch of rocks."
"I can see their soul."
"Ah, right. I forget."

"Hey! What are you guys doing up there?!" Matthias yelled from where he stood.
"Look behind you, Matthias." Lukas said, no emotion showing whatsoever.

    Matthias turned, looking right into the rocks. He squinted, "What am I supposed to see?" He asked, cocking his head a bit.
"Idiot. Another dragon." Lukas mumbled loudly.
You slowly made your way down the rocky part until you were right above the outcrop. Matthias assisted you and you were able to peer inside. A red and white dragon with a long blond mane going from his head to his tail was laying in the shade, snoring softly. He had dark red, slightly antler-like horns sprouting from his head. "You mean you can't see him?" You questioned, looking up at the Danish dragon. "Hmmmm, nope. Where is he?" 
You sighed and approached the sleeping dragon, standing right beside his head, pointing at it with the other hand on your hip. Matthias shook his head, and you sighed loudly. A small little snort from the dragon beside you made you jump. Purple eyes met yours as the dragon recognized you. You didn't remember ever meeting him...but he was definitely one of the Dragon lords. But from where?

    The dragon smiled tiredly, the fur on top of his head messy but adorable. "Hello. You must be (name)." He said, his voice soft and polite. You nodded, "Yes, how did you know?" The dragon chuckled lightly, "Alfred was talking about you when I ran into him. I went hunting with him since he didn't want to go alone."  You blinked, "Oh...I see. Uhm...not to be rude but...w-who are you? I don't think we met." The red dragons' purple eyes glinted with sadness a bit. " one really notices I'm here, but I was here the whole time. I'm Matthew...Matthew Williams. I am the Dragon lord of Canada. And Alfred's brother." He sighed lightly at that last part, making you smile. "'s a pleasure to meet you, Matthew~" 

    "(Name), who are you talking to?" Came the voice of Matthias. You turned to him, Matthew raising his head. Matthias jumped, "H-hey! Where did you come from?! Who are you and why were you waiting for us like a creepy stalker?!" 
Matthew crawled out of the outcrop, stretching his half-feather, half-webbed wings. He yawned, "I was sleeping. I didn't know you were even here until (Name) woke me up." Your face became tinted pink at the mention of you. You didn't really mean to wake him up. It just kind of happened. But Matthew didn't seem upset by being woken, which made you feel a bit less embarrassed. 

    Matthias took a few steps to the side as you heard the beating of wings. Lukas and Tino landed beside him, Emil and Berwald landing nearby but out of your view. Peter was probably wandering around by himself, since he wasn't with the rest. Lukas eyed Matthew, his dull blue eyes unreadable. Matthew seemed unfazed by him though, smiling at him with kind purple eyes.  "If you were hunting with Alfred, how come he's not here?" Lukas questioned, flicking his tail. Matthew shrugged, "He said he'd be here soon. I left him because I was tired after hunting. I don't eat as much meat as the rest of you." You raised an eyebrow, "Are you a vegetarian?" You asked. He shook his head, "No, of course not. Dragons in Canada NEED meat to survive through the winter. I just don't really like killing animals." 

    You nodded, feeling a twinge of respect for Matthew. Any creature who respected other living things was a creature worth respecting.

    "YOOOO! I'm back!" You heard Alfred's voice boom as he soared overhead. He flipped around and landed heavily on the ground, grinning widely, oblivious to everyone's annoyed eye rolls. 
"You git, stop making such a ruckus. You'll attract more attention then you've probably already attracted!" Arthur snarled, landing with much more finesse than the American. Alfred snorted, "(Name)! How was fishing?" He asked, his head only a few inches away from yours. You jumped a bit at his fast movements, and you wondered how his sudden and quick movements didn't already kill you. Arthur seemed to be thinking the same thing, and smacked Alfred in the face with his feathery-tipped tail. Alfred yelped and quickly backed away from you, raising a paw to rub the spot he had been hit. "Dude! Not cool! You know your tail is like a whip!" He growled- well, more like whined. Arthur's tail twitched and his emerald eyes glinted with satisfaction. "Exactly the purpose of my tail. To give unruly dragons such as yourself a thrashing." Alfred moaned in pain, "Yeah, but why? I didn't even-" 
"You were too close to (name) knowing you, you would act out and crush her." 
Alfred snorted again, "I would not! (Name) is awesome! Why would I do that to her?" 
"Accidents happen, Alfred. Around you, accidents seem to be all that happen." Arthur replied sharply. 

    "Fighting as usual, I see~" A soft French accent cooed from above. Francis almost floated down and his feet made no sound as he landed beside you. "And how is mon petit ami humain?" He asked, his blonde locks falling into perfect placement. You gave him a small smile, "I'm fine. Fishing with the Nordic lords was great." You half-lied, deciding not to tell anyone about Lukas' false accusation. The French dragon smiled, his white fangs glinting in the afternoon light. 

    The sound of more dragons made you turn around and you were greeted with the sight of about three different hunting groups. Feliciano's group, Ivan's group, and Wangs' group. Wang approached Arthur quickly, and started telling him something although you could not hear it. Arthur seemed a bit surprised by the news, and his head turned to you. Wang did as well, his eyes glistening with worry. You felt your stomach churning as you made eye contact with the British dragon. He looked around a little bit before whispering. "Do you happen to know a man by the name of Adon (S/L/N)?" You furrowed your eyebrows a bit, "I don't KNOW him, but he's the son of Elritz...I think...maybe the grandson?" You had heard of him before. He was the dragon slayer that had inspired you to hunt dragons in the first place. You had abandoned that quest as soon as you ran into Alfred, but still, he had been your role-model of sorts. But you were a very poor fan. You didn't know much other than how many dragons he'd killed and his purpose for doing so. Arthur cleared his throat, snapping you out of your thoughts. "U-um...I also know that he is a well known dragon-hunter. H-he killed about 13 dragons, last I heard. I also think he works with the king...and gets paid quite a bit by him."
"Wow, are you like, his fangirl or something?" Alfred joked. Your face turned red, "N-No! Of course not! He kind of popular to the villagers. Dragons are the main predator people prepare for...even IF wolf and bear attacks are more common..."
"Hmph, either way, Wang just told me that he was spotted leading a patrol away from the lake that you and the others were fishing at." You gasped, placing a hand over your mouth, "T-th-they were at the lake?"
"That's what we believe. They were traveling quite fast." Wang chimed in, "Why?"
"Our 'camp' may or may not still be standing." 

    Arthurs nostrils flared. You felt your legs quiver a bit. Arthur was certainly no dragon you would want to anger. You felt a small breeze and suddenly Matthias was standing in between you and the jade scaled drake. "It wasn't HER fault. If they saw her footprints they wouldn't have cared about it."
"So you're saying YOU left footprints?"

    Arthur let out out a frustrated sigh. "Well, what's done is done. They can't find us by that alone. But we will have to be more careful in the future." He glanced around the valley, "It's not like you gave away our location or anything." You released a quiet sigh of relief. At least he didn't seem too angry at you. It wasn't like you had done anything anyway. All you had done was eat a few fish and defend yourself from an angry human Lukas.

    More dragons appeared, and it seemed that everyone was back. They sat down in their spots and looked like they were ready to start the meeting again. You wondered where you were supposed to sit. They would probably be ok with you staying anywhere. Taking a quick glance around, you spotted Matthew by himself. You felt bad for not formally introducing yourselves and practically forgetting about him, so you headed over to him and sat beside him, crossing your legs and waiting for someone to start talking. The blond-haired dragon seemed surprised by your action, but he didn't ask you about it as Arthur resumed the conference.

-Le time skip-

    "I'm just suggesting we practice working together in case a big emergency that required all of our strength came up." Wang explained calmly (but he was actually quite irritated with these stubborn Westerners). "Why would I need to work with these weirdos? I'm the HERO and HEROS save the day all by themselves!" Alfred yelled. Arthur replied with much more self control, "I can manage on my own just fine, Wang. I've been managing for centuries."  Wang was quite frustrated by this, "That doesn't mean you will be fine for forever. I don't like working with you hatchlings either, but I still think-"
"I was around before Europe was even an idea. You are all hatchlings."
"Pff, whatever dude."

    "I-if I may interject, for a few moments-" You heard Matthew almost whisper. No one noticed him and they kept arguing about their age. You looked up at the red and white dragon. "What's your idea?" You asked. Matthew sighed, "I was just going to say that Wang was right. Those dragon hunters may not be imposing to us head on...but what if we got ambushed? Or...maybe they would capture a younger dragon, like Peter...or even you. I know you wouldn't tell them anything...but I hear that they have many different torture plans for prisoners with information."
You had to agree with him. Not that you would give information out easily...but even the strongest warriors break with enough time and were only a young lady. "That's a good point." You said after a few moments of thought. Standing up, you made your way to where the bickering reptiles were and cleared your throat as loudly as possible. They turned to you, their eyes narrowed from arguing. 

    "Wang is right. What if...say...I were to be captured? What if they knew I had found the main gathering spot of the worlds' most dangerous dragons? What if they tortured me into telling them and then ambushed you? They would have knowledge on their side, and you would be taken by surprise. I know for certain that Adon will raise an army, and that he'll lead them into battle after convincing them that you guys are a huge threat. The village people are terrified of you. They will believe any lies Adon feeds them. You guys need to learn to work together so you don't end up getting slaughtered!" Your voice raised a bit at the end, and your whole body quivered at the thought of these dragons- which, even though you had only met a few hours ago, were anything but the horrifying monsters you had read and heard so much about- getting killed. They could see the worry and panic in your eyes, and they all sighed. "I suppose that makes sense...but just because I'm working with you all does not mean I couldn't handle those humans on my own." Arthur murmured, although his voice was light and quiet. Everyone else mumbled their agreement and you swiftly returned to your spot by Matthew. 
    "That was pretty brave of you. I can't believe they listened to you." He praised, smiling at you. You grinned, "Well, I thought your idea was too good not to tell them. I'm sorry for taking credit for it, though." 
"Don't apologize. As long as they heard the idea it doesn't matter who said it, right?" You nodded quietly, returning your attention to the now calm dragons who were discussing what to do in case they were forced to work together.

    "In the event we DO have to fight as a team, I think it would be best to have the more muscular dragons and the more armored dragons fight on the ground. They would have an easier time since their scales are tougher and they would be able to deflect swords or other weapons more easily." Arthur was saying.
"So...Ludwig...Ivan...and Berwald?" Wang asked. 
"Yes...I believe they would be good ground fighters." The green eyed dragon gave them each a questioning glance, "As long as they think they can do it." The three dragons gave a silent nod, acknowledging and accepting their position. 
"; the dragons who are built for aerial combat." The smaller, more lithe dragons perked up. Arthur let his gaze rest on each of them, 'them' being Matthew, Tino, Emil, Feliciano, Lovino, and finally, Francis (who he kind of glared at).

    "Hey! What about the dragons who aren't skinny OR fat?" Gilbert yelled from his position by Ludwig. The white scaled dragon had a slight glint of jealousy in his crimson red eyes. Probably because his YOUNGER brother was classified as 'muscular' while he was not. Arthur sighed inwardly and closed his eyes, "Dragons who are not either very muscular or lithe will mostly fight alongside a certain dragon that they will be assigned. Your jobs will also be to dislodge or destroy anything that could be a potential threat to other dragons, such as cannons, large scale weapons, and towers and walls if we were to engage in battle around a human building. You will also be responsible for making sure any sort of reinforcement that they may call for cannot aid them. If that means starting a huge fire, than so be it." 

    "Speaking of fire, which dragons breathe fire again?" He asked, looking around. A few dragons raised a paw, while others demonstrated their skill by puffing little flames. The dragons who could breathe fire were the Vargas brothers (which surprised you), Gilbert, Matthew, Matthias, Antonio, Toris, and Alfred. Not very many, considering there were about fifty (give or take, it's hard to count them all when they move so much) dragons. You wondered if the other dragons had a different special ability. Perhaps dragons could do more than what you had been taught. It seemed like everything you knew about dragons was being crushed and molded into a different, more positive perspective of the magnificent creatures. 
    "Alright, it seems that we have only eight fire breathing dragons-"

    "No! You skipped over me, jerk!" Peter interrupted, trying his hardest to puff out some flame. Despite his best efforts, the only thing that came out was some dark grey smoke. Arthur sighed, looking annoyed. You could see a small flicker of pity in his eyes. He secretly felt bad for Peter; because he was so young (The youngest dragon here, actually) he hadn't yet developed a full ability to breathe fire. You had learned this from an old knight who was talking about how mother dragons were over-protective of their territory because their hatchlings had yet to develop ways of defending themselves. Still, you were quite surprised by his pity towards the young Dragon lord. 
"Anyway, the dragons who breathe fire will also be long range attackers. A mob of of knights is charging toward a ground fighter from behind? It's up to you all to make sure they don't reach them."
"So... Burn 'em?" Gilbert asked bluntly.

    You inwardly cringed, and Matthew seemed to sense your discomfort. You felt a feathered tail rest on your shoulder comfortingly. "This is only theoretical planning. I doubt it will ever happen in real life." He reassured you. You felt your shoulders relax- apparently, they had been tense- and you gave him a large grin. Matthew is so sweet. I can see how he's related to Alfred. You thought happily.
    ~Another time skip... haha~

    It was sunset when Arthur dismissed the meeting for the night. Together, they had formulated different plans for different situations. There was plenty of arguing, and Alfred often was the one to disagree with the British dragons' ideas (He kept complaining about not getting to be the Hero.) You had almost dozed off halfway through the meeting, but pulled through until the end. Now you wondered if you knew the way back to town. It was not quite clear to you yet if you were able to sleep here, since the dragons were going to be doing that as well. You stood up and stretched, letting out a small yawn. You rubbed your eyes tiredly, trying to blink away the sleepiness in them. You heard Matthew sigh; he must have been tired too. You looked around and noticed that some dragons had left to hunt for supper. 

    "Hey (name)!" You heard Feliciano call. "Are you planning on staying the night with us?" You were stunned for a little bit, but shrugged. "I'm not quite sure yet. Is Arthur ok with it?"
"Screw whatever that burnt sconehead thinks!" Lovino snarled (Thank goodness Arthur had left!). "He's not the boss of us. He just thinks he's sooooo strong with his magic and ability to become a human and all that other stuff he does." You gave him a fake laugh, "Well, I suppose you guys need someone to drive the meeting, right?" You responded. Lovino let out another huff and a puff of smoke. Feliciano grinned, "Ve~ I bet he won't mind~! You can sleep with me and fratello tonight~!" You decided that as long as you were here, you would have plenty of shelter and perhaps some food too. You nodded politely, "I suppose it wouldn't hurt. Besides, I don't have any place to go." 
"Yes, that and the fact that you're about 50 miles from the nearest human village." Francis chimed from behind you. You turned around to see him standing beside you, his blonde bangs still perfectly framing his face. How does he keep his hair so...amazingly perfect...all the time? You wondered. You would have to ask him later. 

    You focused your attention on Feliciano as he yawned and stretched his tricolor wings. "It's getting late, bella. Let's find somewhere cozy to sleep. Oh, it has to be big enough to fit you, me, and fratello~!" He started off looking to the left, and you decided to search to the right. You didn't find anywhere that fit your needs nearby, so you decided to go off on your own, away from the main section. 

    As luck would have it, you found a fairly large mossy spot that looked big enough to fit two dragons and you (Although, you wouldn't take up all that much space, compared to them) and you returned to Feliciano to tell him your news. You lead the brothers to the location and they both fit easily. "Here, come sit by me, (name)~!" Feliciano requested, and you followed cheerfully (but tiredly). After making yourself comfortable, you felt the warmth from both Italians surround you. It was very pleasant, and you felt sleep overtaking you by the moments.

    "Buonanotte, (Name)." Feliciano purred.
    "Goodnight, Feliciano." You mumbled warmly.
    "Say goodnight, fratello." You heard him whisper. Lovino sighed.
    "Buonanotte, (Name)." Lovino murmured, with a surprisingly kind tone.
    "B-Buonanotte, Lovino."



I got it done.

Be proud of me 

Actually, here, have some cake for you patience! :ihavecaek: 

Hopefully this was worth the wait! It took me forever because my sister suddenly decided to make me go work out with her three days a week C: I'm sore.

The next chapter should have some action in it...I think. I hope so, I get bored writing filler chapters. They are necessary for the plot, but oh so painful to write >n>


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